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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let the Thinking Process Ensue: 10:20 p.m.

Purpose: Mild venting. . .(not written to please or dissatisfy anyone, if by chance it does, it has either been my pleasure..or to the contrary, you'll get over it)

Thinking: Is it wrong to ask "when will people get there lives together?"..when you don't know their situation or status? Maybe they are going through difficult times, or to the contrary..maybe they are perfectly fine...(without you). Maybe you should direct your attention elsewhere. While holding on to hopes of what could be..maybe you are passing up something, (or more directly)..someone better. Hnmm..why do people wait on people..? Not for an instant or an hour, but why do people wait on people to "get their lives together?"..How long will it the million dollar question. Why do women chase men..? We all have our own priorities && responsibilities..&& we all know whom && what are worth our time. Maybe we just don't know any better..but if you knew whom and what were worth your time, alot of your days/months/years..would be much more productive than you would imagine.

So many people seem one way or the other. Be it their style..the way they cater to you..or the way you both seem to be inseparable in one anothers company. Hnm..but how can you decipher what's real from what feels real? Is it possible to distinguish the two?..There has to be a way. What feels real is most likely a temporary fix of what you want to be real. You cannot withdraw from what is will always be there. So what do we want?..A dose of the temporary..or a permanent prescription to authenticity?

I know what I you?


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