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Monday, June 15, 2009

"I'll be in the Sky" Anyday with you B.O.B!!!

So, this fresh-faced 19 year old direct from Decatur, GA. . . is my new crush! Peep the video>>>>> His jacket + tie + glove + glasses ensemble all pop. He's witty and pretty clever in my opinion. Also, if you listen to him, he's a little cocky. Yep, dude has a lil chip on his shoulder. But hey, it's all good. One of my favorite songs by him is "Grip Your Body" ft. Amy Winehouse. In the meantime. . .check out this interview with my boo B.O.B.!



  1. no kim, thats all MINES! && he's not 19 anymore. lol yeah but bobby ray simmons is

  2. Noppppe India! The boy is mine :-)