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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Discontinued Cars of 2009

It saddens me to say that we won't be seeing more than a few great *looking* cars on the roads in 2010. Notice that I said great looking because aesthetics alone cannot keep these high powered, luxury and family cars above water in today's economy. Let us say farewell to the featured auto brands. Keep in mind that a few of these lines will be discontinuing, yet similar models are set to come out in the near future.

Audi S8
Bently Arnage
        Hyundia Entourage    

Land Rover LR3

Pontiac G8


Out with the old. . .

Alexnder McQueen

Tracy Reese

Jean Paul Gaultier

William Rast

Diane von Furstenberg
Fashion, Fashion Fashion!!! OMG Becky fashion!!! . . . (excuse my terrible humor.)  Back to business. My favorite fashion, beauty and style blog "thefashionbombdaily" which some of you may recall featured me back in the summer of this year as "bombshell of the day" is aiding me in this post! *unbeknownst them might I add* I'd like to do a quick review of 2009's most amazing collections and I hope you all will enjoy! Thanks to thefashionbomb's editor in chief Claire, (whom I might say I life my blog life vicariously through) is absolutely awesome! "A black girl in Paris Fashion Week" is the title of one of her posts. She lives in Paris, and although she marches right along with the higher-uppers, she is quite the down to earth young woman. We've exchanged e-mails a few times and I absoultely admire the fact that she interacts with her blog followers! She has been featured in many articles also being awarded for her great work all over the blogosphere. YOU GO GIRL!
Take a peak:


Kobe Bryant.... ftw

Hey All! If you happen to be a dear friend of mine, or even a silent follower on twitter, it is likely that you know how much of a Kobe fan I am not. Don't be confused by the "ftw" up top. In this case, I am reffering to a "W" other than that on the court. This win can be credited to his recent fashion spread in GQ magazine's December issue. Aha! Bet you guys didn't know I kept up with mens fashion too eh? Moreover, the article happened to strike a cord with me and although I cannot stand Bryant, this particular quote from the writer says it all: "What he is now is too great to be meaningfully despised." Now that set me in my place when it comes to this exceptional athlete. Many of us "Kobe haters" despise this guy with a passion when it comes to sports, but outside of his much publisized affair, I can vouch for myself when I say that this guy is pretty much unstoppable and that's why I hate him. *giggles*  Now that I've cleared the air on my part, lets move on to the fashion aspect! In this particular spread, Kobe is sporting an unusual style of tuxedo called "peak-lapel." (yes, ive done my research.) This style is made for those slimmer gentleman and the suits actually make you appear slightly bigger than you are. The peak lapel tux has a demand of less than 80% in the market. Now, allow Mr. 24 himself to show you all how to sport these unusual, yet rather dapper line of peak lapel menswear!
For the full article on Kobe Bryant visit:


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fashion Friday's: Haute couture...

What:Sequin bootie
By: Cesare Paciotti
Price: $1,120

What: Limited edition peep-toe low boot w/ Swarovski-crystail detailing
By: Le Silla
Price: $4,995
Where: Gregory's in Dallas, TX