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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Convo's with Kim-- Pt.1: "that's what friends are for"

Hello everyone.

After having a short, yet enlightening conversation with my homie Malcolm,

I've come to realize that...although I can be a complete goof,

I do have a serious side..

I'd like to introduce you all to ME

One side of me that few meet. . .it's just raw realness..
Excuse the language.
Feel free to comment.

The convo started with Malcolm asking how I felt about "haters" && whether or not I saw them as motivation.

This is were it went from there:

myself && my supporters are my motivation
the people who do shit with their lives are my motivation
thats all -kim

wise words from a decent man..
nah but for real thats real shit -malc

yurp- kim

so is it worth having a chip or ur shoulder at all??-malc

of course
if u dont have a chip..who will have it for you
i still say
modesty is the best policy
the loudest man in the room is often the weakest man in the room my dear
no need to be overtly loud about what u do
ppl will notice
if what ure doin is worth bein noticed
thats all -kim

i smellz ya love -malc

thats why i keep my shit under wraps
i only tell my supporters
about my moves
&& half the time
you've got at least 1 snake in your camp
that is secretly "hating"
really tho
in the end
attribute shit to yourself
u work for it
u accomplish it
u celebrate
ppl will notice
u'll become inspiration for the next generation
&& you will be satisfied
thats all-kim

i knew i kept u around for a but honestly i dnt think that could have been said better
unless i said it of course-malc

lol im about to blog this conversation
i said some real shit
i need this in my life
i may paste this shit to the wall in my bedroom-kim

dnt blame u but i want my effin royalties should this ish get published-malc

lol gotcha :)-kim


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