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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loso's Way--> In Case You Didn't Noso

In case you've been living under a ROCK, the new Fabolous " Loso's Way" is dropping this month.
From the tracks that I've heard thus far...shit pops.
The big homie is resurrecting his rap game I'd say.
Coming back with a vengeance, giving nighas something to talk about.
The 'throw it in the bag' remix has been on repeat in my itunes the past couple days,
check it out! but listen.. IT AINT FOR EVERBODY
For a sample of the Loso's new album..visit
From the chipped tooth doin songs with chicks with blue streaks..
to sayin F YALL NIGHAS..we throwin shit in tha bag haha..not checkin price tags!!!--for lack of better words.
Here's a little interview, courtesy of Honey mag.
"Ok, so we do this thing called either, or. I’m going to say two words and you just tell me which one you like more. "
Blunt or Bottle?Bottle.G-string or boy shorts?On a woman?Yeah.Boy shorts. Can we clarify that?[laughs] Yeah. Pleasure or pain?Pleasure.Leather or lace?Leather.iPhone or Blackberry?Blackberry.Boxers or briefs?How about boxer briefs?Reggae or rock?Reggae.Reality TV or Netflix?Netflix.On top or bottom?Bottom
Ha, Fab prefers boy shorts over g-strings guys..interesting! cool tho..i hear u..
Loso's Way drops on July 28th.

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