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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I FEND- for shoes.....

I'm not sure if you guys seen the episode of Jada Pinkett Smith on Oprah but her shoes were beyond phenomenally gorgeous....Anyone that knows (me) "CCMonai", know that I am a huge fan of 5 inch platform heels and NO being 5'10 doesn't stop me from wearing them. Of course every female would love to have one pair of expensive designer heels in their collection. These are the amazing Fendi "Ballet Wrap Sandal" Jada was rocking on the show. They can be purchased on for 835.00 OR if you're running on a tight budget check out the similar ones from "Scarfy WP" for 79.00.....well now (59.00 ON SALE).
-Enjoy guys!!!
Cece :)
Fendi- 835.00

Bakers 59.00

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