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Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Kobe Freeballin On My Behalf

Yo, so this has to be the most I've written freely thus far. I have so many thoughts about Kobe, this is the reasoning behind my scattered brain. . . So, lets begin. By the way, my ears are tuned to Cassius ft. Pharrell "Eye Water". . . nice song.

First, I 'd like to start off by introducing you all to this song by Lil Wayne entitled "Kobe Bryant." HA! The title just pulls all you Kobe fans in doesn't it? I bet! Wait, let me listen it to it once more to gather my thoughts. . .
There is the link to the song. Please listen lol, interesting thoughts from Kobe are intertwined within the song. The thought behind this entire thing is that Lil Wayne is the Kobe Bryant of rap. Hahaha nighas are FUNNY. You all can be the judge, I already have my opinion on that.
Moving along, first game of the official conference finals went down last night with Magic and Lakers. Magic got their asses handed to them basically. I didn't see many smiles from Dwight now that I think about it.
Yes, Kobe put down 40 "dunkadees" @AllurinGwEALTH ;-) *highlight the invisible word*;-). . . Here's some footage of last nights game. . .
So, you guys, the Kobester did his thing last night. My mom said, "you know how MJ used to get when he got hot, he used to throw his tongue out...well yea, they let Kobe get hot last night...he threw that tongue out" LOL, yea you're right mom. But to the contrary like dad said " Any team that can beat the Celtics and the Cavs, isn't a push over team" Sooo with that said dad, I feel you. GO Magic!
I think I played fair here you guys for a non-Kobe fan. What do you all think??
It's all love people. Game 2 Sunday, I'll be at the bar with @Jiggy718.
Lets Get It. DO WORK SON


  1. Go magic. ooooowwwwww. forget la lol. kobe is wack. and ill see u at the bar :)