Love a wrong to NONE.....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today, my teacher asks.."So, do you guys date?"..Everyone gets quiet. Wonder why?..Then he asks.." Do you all go out?". . . Following that question, murmers of answers finally erupted throughout the room. So, is it that young adults don't date? Don't court? We just. . . "go out" huh?, interesting. How you can you be in love with someone with whom you just "GO OUT?". . . What is going out? Going out around the corner to the gas station? I mean what is it? What is love?

Have you ever been in love?. . . I have. You know that it is love when after everything falls down, everything is over. . . the two of you are over, && you can still say "I Love You." And, mean it. From the deepest crevasse, you mean it. And so you ask, if it WAS love, why did it end? The answer being. . . age. There is nothing more, and nothing less needed to justify this question. Sometimes juvenile actions can corrupt a good thing--a great thing. But, we move on into other things, and other people.

I would add a picture, or clip art here...but this dialog needs no visual interpretation. I'm sure we all have been here before, just think back. You've experienced it. And, if you have yet to, you will.

So, I'm feeling like love is patience. Love is affection--mental and physical affection. Love is not to be confused nor misconstrued with LUST. Attraction may be fatal, but who wants fatality when you can fall in love with a blissful reality. Like, then love, then more love. Lust is temporary, it comes and goes.

Speaking of age, we all know that..(we, meaning young adults), we all know that texting is a part of our daily routine. This may be falling by the wayside, BUT. . .can love be effectively expressed through trivial typed one-lined messages? In my opinion NO, it cannot be. The activation and projection of sound always catches the ear. . .the comfort in hearing your "hubby" or "wifeys'" voice can mean so much more than you think. There's no accurate interpretation of texting..unless a "lol" or a smiley follows. . .how can you know the FEELING, the EMOTION, behind the what seem to be, oh so "affectionate" words?

I could ramble for days about this thing called LOVE. I believe I'll post more about it, as I learn more about it through experience. Love is beautiful, love can hurt, love can blossom :). It's all in who you are, who your partner is, or is to be, and what you both want out of it. Communication is key. Let's not take love so lightly. . . let's not play around with the word as often as we do.


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