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Thursday, July 30, 2009

" I Aint Sprung "....BUT

Tee hee :)
All smiles as I sit up in bed like a starving artist..awaiting my next phone call on a major move.
In case you are wondering what this post is all about.... It's pretty simple
....I had the urge to write a love letter.
&& I thought to myself geeeesh Kim, what's your deal?
Are you falling for a certain someone?
&& I believe the answer is,... yes.
** deep sigh**
although it is a good sigh.. it's not that easy for me to say that this is true.
I could've easily written this in a little notebook...
but I thought hey, whynot air out the new laundry
So yes my loves, the genuine ' G ' is falling for the kid Bydia.
UH :-0
**WHIPES FOREHEAD** as Desi would say.
Now I'm thinking of a cute little song for the ' blogadeeeees '
Hnmmm maybe that ' this is dedicated to the loveeeerrrs ' joint.
The situation isn't complex at all.
He's wonderful; knowledgable..encouraging..supportive..hilarious..hardworking........
.......all encompassing.
Ya know what, I think I'm gonna keep you guys posted on what happens!
Sounds good right?
No, we're not a couple..we just refer to each other as 'hubby, wifey, baby gurl, baby cakes, lol
ok TMI
He'll be back to ATL in a few weeks along with the homies n lets just say,
I'm excited!! Whoooooo
Oh yeah, like Wale said..............
tee hee..
Either we eatin out, or we starving!!!!
See ya soon hubby

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