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Friday, September 25, 2009

She's Baaaaaccccck

Upscale Magazine

"The Comeback"

Many of you may have been wondering where I've been on this abrupt hiatus. Well,
I'm here now so let's catch up!!
I'm currently an intern at Upscale Magazine based out of Atlanta. I'm about three weeks into the gig now and i love it! We all know that I have a love for fashion...and with this internship, I am able to explore more of my interest into the world of fashion and beauty along with many other interesting aspects of the mag.
"The Comeback".....About a month ago, I played a "video girl" in the short film, The Comeback. I worked with a great cast and an awesome production team. The movie was in a contest to become a sitcom on NBC. Although it did not win the contest, The Comeback may have a part 2! I will keep you all informed in case you are interested in watching :)
Last but not least...a few weeks ago, I took a six day cruise to the Bahamas with my fam. Ehm, let's just say it was interesting! Hehe...alot of water...and plenty of lobster and shrimp. The people on the islands are lovely, I will say that. Of course I had to get my shop on! I definitely prefer to stay on land but it was a good vacay and now I can say that I've been on a cruise..!

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