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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MediaTakeOut Worthy--The good, The Bad, && The EEUUUGGH


not diggin the haircut nor the outfit....

Your 'goodies' are lookin real DRRRYYYYYYY

right about now miss Ciara


cockle doodle doooooooooo

Shoutout to B for rocking the Yves Saint Laurent


**cough..Kim has those shoes in HOT PINK..cough**

I'm loving this kickback roustabout look on her.



I loooveee fedoras!!

Good choice on this ensemble missy...=)

Negro..smh, ahah who are uuuuu

supposed to be???

Think that pose && those tats make you


&& **pause you sir, for having those man hands in your

XXX Small briefs

btw....this is BowWow you guys

Read A few celeb responses on Solanges NEW haircut:

Bow Wow
“Man these chicks losin they mind, they all look like they goin through something. These chicks look f*ckin retarded wit this bald sh*t man. These chicks losing they mind"

Soulja Boy

“Ladies if you gonna shave ya head at least my barber Bobby world give you that tight azz hairline LOL! Stop jockin [Kanye West’s girlfriend] Amber Rose. It's not cute.”

former Destiny’s Child artist Latavia Roberts

“I don’t get the whole shaving your head thing. It’s not edgy, it’s attention seeking. Believe me, I know.”

KMB @RevKimmie

How about allllllll of ya'll need to have A SEAT...

1. bow wow sounds like he needs to be in school taking English 101

2. Soulja Boy? hahaha negro you keep putting on those canary yellow gaudy diamonds when you 'hop up out tha bed'....&& SHUTUP

3. Latavia honey...can you focus on being a Destiny's Child reject please? Thank uuuuuu
What do you guys think about my "mediatakout worthy" list?

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