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Monday, July 27, 2009

Meth & Red Man Speak on Kelis & Nas's child support case..Womp Womp!!

As I always say.." to each his own"..but, who are these guys, to speak on their situation?
" All you did was f&*k your man "--Method Man
Negro PLEASE..come better than that...that's how you feel?
Well, I do agree that SOME women want to continue to live their lifestyle,
so they fish for more money from the father.
&& listen to Red, co-signing w/ Meth..
Anywho, I agree that $55 grand per month a HUGE stretch..
" Now I aint she a gold digger "
I don't know Nas && Kelis's situation
I cannot speak on account of the judge && why this much money is being issued to Kelis for
child support.
I guess these nighas just felt like 'spazzin' because they had air time on the radio.
how do you guys feel?
Shoutout to Nas tho, you can handle it playa pimp!!!

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  1. I love Red and Meth to death, they're so funny. They kinda spazzed out, I guess that's the baby daddy's syndome. 55k is alot, but you can't be mad at Kelis, that's what the JUDGE awarded her. He or she saw it fit to grant her that much so she could take care of the child. I think it was probably that much for maintanace of lifestyle.You have to look at the way Nas' other child was raised and all the extras she was given.I think thats probably how the judge made that decision.