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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thank You For Your Style: C U D I

Day N' Night . . .this guy is F R E S H
might I say, R E F R E S H I N G!

C U D I. . .looking very

laid back && relaxed.

Gotta love a man who can throw on a nice simple fit to do some shopping!

Who says you have to get dressed to a T, to get your shop on!?

I may be in <3>

Here Cudi is featured in a window front along with a few manikins HA!

Great concept, && he fits right in. . .

. . .Looks that he is wearing a plain hoodie paired with a nice quality jean.

American Apperal is the shop!. . .

If you peep the 2nd photo, that's the outfit!
Must've been doing some shopping after the shoot :)

You cannot deny the effortless, fit,

style && comfort of this ensemble!

Can't quite make out the initials on the belt,
but the accessory definitely finishes off the look!
btw, I love fedoras ;-)
Fashion can be a wonderful thing when you know how to piece together comfort, elegance, && style-- all in one.

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